Apollol M1 Crane Camera System

How Wireless Crane Camera System Works

  1. Smart Solar Power Station
    Waveguide solar panel with built-in rechargeable battery power the camera for continuous operation.
  2. Hook View Camera
    Wide-angle downward camera installed on the hook block gives an unobstructed/rigging details view.
  3. Winch View Camera
    Wide-angle camera installed on the winch/sides of the crane gives full-range operational views.
  4. Touchscreen Monitor
    Monitor real-time video/audio streaming and automatic recordings from crane cabin.Apollo Cam Smartphone App
    4G livestreams audio-video feeds on multiple smartphones anytime, anywhere.


Scarlet Tech’s Apollo M1 wireless solar safety crane camera system integrates the innovative solar technology with high-definition wireless cameras to reinvent a highly reliable cost-effective safety solution for cranes.

Apollo M1 solar power is designed with a waveguide Mono-Si Solar Panel innovation that collects wide spectral of diffused sunlight light in all weather condition. This means Apollo M1 solar panel is 2.5 times more efficient than the typical solar panel with up to 40% electricity conversion.

Apollo M1 can operate up to 70 hours straight (Total 7-14 days, Daily working 8 hours). The smart solar power station is equipped with dual battery function; sustainable solar battery and rechargeable li-ion battery that can switch automatically based on light intensity (day & night). Store back-up power of 30+ hours from the solar battery without any charging required. Worry-free from power outage!