At Qatar Oilfield Supply Center (QOSC)
You can expect solutions for all your Industrial & Oilfield Needs


Located in Doha, Qatar, we are the premier supplier to  Qatar Petroleum (QP), Ras Gas, Qatar Steel, Qatar Jet and other organizations. Founded in 1995, with us you get over 25 years of experience in supplying Valves, Pipes, Large Diameter Pipes, PIG/Sphere Launcher, PIG Receiver, Hoses, Flanges, Sheaves, Traveling Blocks, Hooks, Rotary Tables, Swivels, Mud Pumps, Hammer Unions, Cementing & Circulating Hoses, Swivel Joints, Integral Fittings, Integral Pup Joints, Drilling Oilfield Equipment like Belts, Training Equipment, Industrial Analysers, pH Meters, Sacrificial Anodes, Transformer Rectifiers, Distribution Boxes, Couplers, Motionless Mixers, Gauges, Gaskets, Safety Equipment, Degreasing Fluid, Heavy Duty Storage Equipment, etc. to the Petroleum & Gas Industry.

You can expect exceptional service as we believe that the best way to achieve that goal is to provide value to our customers. You can get house staff of fully trained technicians and mechanics who can provide on-site and depot repair services. We  assist you, our customers in driving greater profitability and growth with over 200 product offerings with our industrial solutions and with deep expertise from over 35 years working across various industries.

In association with Liquip, Australia we have supplied Aircraft Refuellers to Qatar Jet Fuel Co. In addition to this, we can supply a wide range of products from Liquip like Hydrant Pits, API Couplers, Loading Arms, Unloading Arms, Overfill Protection System, Overfill Monitors, Manholes, Continuity Testers, Hose Reels, etc., used extensively by the Petroleum & Gas Industry.


You can expect us to supply high-end scientific instruments that are used extensively and successfully in the Oil and Gas Industry in Qatar. Instruments in our portfolio include Industrial Analysers, Chemical Analysis and Water Monitoring Analysers. It also includes Process Analysers, Process Colorimeters, Process Spectrophotometers, pH Meters, Viscometers, Thermometers and many more. We also supply Mould lubricant (Rapeseed Oil – Mineral Mixture) which is used/applied inside the mold tube through a feeding device for the purpose of preventing the cast billet from adhering to the inside of the mold lube. 
You can reach out to us as we regularly update our portfolio with new products and brands. 

If you are looking for Degreaser Solvent for the removal of Sludge, Grease, or Oil from any surface then you are at the right place. The right product for you, “Cut Clean Degreaser” which is manufactured using Orange Peels and fully biodegradable is available in store. This product is not inflammable and environmentally friendly. Cut Clean has been tested and used successfully with excellent results at Shell, BAPCO, Saudi Aramco, Arabian Drilling Co, BANOCO, Falcon Adhesives, ASRY, Poole Arabia, Saudi Oger, SCECO, Riyadh Cables, ALBA, Zaid Tractors, etc.

A selection of brands we have the privilege of collaborating with