GUIDE T120 Entry-level Portable Thermal Camera

GUIDE T120 Series Entry-level Thermal Imaging Camera is an affordable temperature measuring tool widely used for building diagnostics, HVAC inspections, electrical system inspections and more. It perfectly overcomes the shortcomings of the single spot infrared thermometers and helps work smarter, safer and faster. Equipped with Guide’s self-developed 120×90 WLP IR modules, T120 series thermal cameras can display radiometric data of 10,800 pixels instantly which helps quickly detect large areas and pinpoint fault spots accurately. It can also easily save images and data, and download fast via USB, removable TF card or WIFI.



Application field: Thermography, Solar Power, Industrial, Energy, Process, Building inspection.

Boot up in 1 Second
Boot up and display fully radiometric image instantly
Full screen max & min temperature alarm
2.4 inch Large Display
240×320 pixel Color LCD
Good-handle Buttons
Ergonomic design
Easy to operate even wear the gloves
2-hour Fast Charge
USB Type-C Interface
High power quick charge



2-hour Fast Charge
USB Type-C Interface
High power quick charge
Rugged Design
2-meter Drop Test, IP54 Encapsulation
IR/Visible/Laser Indicator
Pinpoint targets precisely